Art & Artisans: Chouchette was started with the mission of fostering collaboration between contemporary artists and traditional artisans, to produce high quality contemporary accessories by utilizing ancient wood block printing method ‘yazmacilik’ developed and practiced in Anatolia since 7000 BC.

Chouchette not only helps maintain economic stability for artists and artisans, also helps keep the ancient crafts alive.

Chouchette is committed to hand made accessories illustrated by international contemporary artists. All our products are hand printed and assembled by artisans in Turkey, so that you’re supporting art, artists and traditional artisanship in the 21st century. Each accessory is unique, like you. It carries with it the history of its design and its artisanal expertise. Our cotton accessories are created in limited quantities in order to give you, the conscientious buyer, something unique in the true sense of the word. Every hand-printed accessory is always hand finished, which means every piece can have minor variations, a sign of its individuality… and yours! Our whole process from start to finish benefits the families of artisans and vibrant art in our community. All our workers are paid high wages, and we do not support child labor.

Design & Beauty: Chouchette creates stylish and environmentally conscious accessories for women who want a better life for all. We too love beautiful products. We too think organic. And we too believe fairness is never out of fashion.

Eco-friendly: Chouchette’s accessories are durable, eco-friendly, artistic and timeless. They are created ethically and with sustainability at the top of our mind. We use the highest quality fabrics and materials and work with local partners to keep transportation and energy use to a minimum.

How is Chouchette produced?

Our story begins with a contemporary artist creating an illustration exclusively for Chouchette. These unique illustrations are then carved onto linden tree blocks by our wood block carver Mr. Ömer in Tokat, a town in the Black Sea Region in Turkey. Illustrations may fit onto a single wood block or may have to be divided and carved out from several blocks in order to create the complete illustration created by the artist.

In the past we have worked with wood block print master Mr. Ahmet from Tokat, who dips blocks into black water based dye to print the fabric continuously for a complete illustration. We have also worked with ” Kader Kısmet ” a non profit organization based upon solidarity that collaborates with women and refugees in Istanbul.

IMG_4235_kalip IMG_4227_lamp_basilirken IMG_4264_stuck_baski
Due to the size limitations of the wood blocks and in order to reproduce the composition created by the artists, our wood block print master Mr. Ahmet dips blocks into liquid dye to print
the fabric continuously to complete the illustration.



Artists Gabriela VainsencherCris Dam  and Devrim Kadirbeyoglu have collaborated with Chouchette. Every artist and artwork is named on its accompanying hang tag.

At the core of Chouchette, producing is connected to the idea that we do not inherit nor own the world, and that we share its resources.