Our Team

Gaby Cris BanuUgural hakki
Gabriela Vainsencher / Artist
She is an Argentinean-born
Israeli artist living and working
in New York.
Cris Dam / Artist
He was born in Alaska, raised in
Spain and Connecticut.
Banu Uğural/ Artist

She is the  Queen of upcycling

Hakkı Esgin / Carpenter
He has carved our beautiful wood
Omer ahmet2 Can Turgan
Ömer Usta / Woodblock Carver
He lives and works in Tokat, 
Ahmet Usta
Woodblock Print Artisan
He lives and works in Tokat,
Can Akgümüş / Photographer Turgan Savaş / Photographer
eda Nina kivanc yetkin
Eda Pancaroğlu / Model
She works as the gallery manager
at Empire Projects in Istanbul.
Nina Shinkarevich / Model Kıvanç İnce / Photographer

He works as freelance and at
El Turco in Istanbul.
Yetkin Başarır / Graphic

Designer of our logo.
renata Eren Elif Ender
Renata Zsombori / Graphic Artist
She works mainly with graphic
printing techniques, drawings,
book object, graphic design.
Eren Küçükerdem
Graphic Designer
Elif Özüdoğru / Communication 
Without Elif’s talented support
Chouchette would not look the
Ender Küçükerdem / Web Master
He runs a family business
specializing in mechatronics.
Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu
Artist, Founder Chouchette